Home Decorating Interior Design

If you are thinking that you are tired of looking at the same boring walls everyday then maybe it’s time for a change. You can decorate the interior of your home and have a blast doing so.

Take everything out of the room you want to decorate. Take everything off the walls and remove all the furniture. If you are going to keep some items, just push them out of the way for the time being.

Try to work with a theme. Like if you are going to decorate the bathroom, and you want ducks or other pond creatures to be involved that would be your theme.

If you have chosen to paint, be sure to cover the floor and any other furniture that you may have left in the room. Take off any outlet covers you have and tape the edge of your baseboards and windows. Water based paint is best indoors and the clean up is very easily done. Make sure everything is dry before moving your furniture around.

Move your bigger furnishings first so that you are certain that there is enough room for everything. You want to also ensure that your smaller pieces are accented appropriately so that the room seems balanced. Don’t be afraid to move things around and play with new ideas.

Lamps are a great idea. They are a great compliment for a room and helps with lighting which can also set the tone of the room.

Home Decorating Interior DesignAlso an area rug is always a great addition. It can add interest to a room and define and bring out other areas of the room.

Personalize your room with pictures of your family and other loved ones. Art work can also add personality to a room. Don’t be afraid of things seeming cluttered. Just go with what makes you happy. It’s your room, so do with it what you want.